Youth Ministries

Childrens Church - Sis. Arnetha Salaam

Camp Galilee - Sis. Barbara Cheeseboro

     To maintain a safe, happy Christian learning environment during the summer for the youth of the church and its surrounding community; to offer academic enrichment through reading, writing, math, biblical teaching, arts and crafts, and physical education for children ages five to sixteen; and to schedule field trips to various historical and fun sites throughout the state of South Carolina, nearby Georgia and North Carolina.

Girl Scout - Deaconess Tonya Ivey

     To build courage, confidence and character in our girls who will make this world a better place; to teach them how to take their place in the future by providing skills that will allow them to be future leaders.

Praise Dance /Mime Ministry 
Sis. Brittany A. Blanding
Deacon Ronnie Scott

     To enhance the worship experience by providing our youth the
opportunity to glorify God through the art of mime.

Youth Choir
Sis. Marsha Jacobs
Introducing youth to the "Word of God" through song.

Just In Jewels 
​Sis. Lawanda Pendegrass
To reach and enlighten that special lady who is destined to become a

Jewel through modesty, respect and love. Jewels will share with one
another through encouragement, guard their hearts and minds by what
they hear and see and prepare for future leaders as Jewels. 

We will honor and strengthen our souls through spirituality and

spread it among our own friendships as Jewels.

Youth Advisors

Sis. Bre'Ana Adger-Canty           Deaconess Tonya Ivey
Sis. Kim Nelson                Sis. Lawanda Pendegrass
Dea. Ronnie Scott