Support Ministries ​​​​

Deacon Harry Thompson, Chair​​

Care Ministry (Grief) - Deaconess Tammy Scott

     Will perform acts of kindness for FBMC bereaved families, sick and shut-in members, hospitalized, and those who reside in nursing homes; will provide cards, flowers and/or monetary gifts to comply with our objectives.

Health Ministry - Sis. Audrey Covington

     To promote healthy lifestyles among our church congregation and community; to educate and inform FBMC members and the community in choosing healthier lifestyles and reducing health disparities.

Hospitality Ministry - Sis. Patrice Murphy-Wilson

     To create an atmosphere of love, care and fellowship reflecting the love of Christ by greeting and welcoming all who enter our church.

Pastor Aide Ministry - Sis. Brenda Westpoint

     To show appreciation to our pastor for his leadership and spiritual guidance; to assist with the needs of the pastor so that he may have more uninterrupted time to spend studying and spreading God's Word; and to give spiritual assistance and physical help to our pastor however needed.